Sunday, July 28, 2013

Honeymoon Day #4: July 4th

     Thursday was a bit of a bust of a day. It was rainy and thundery and lightingy all day off and on. We had quiet time at the hotel until early afternoon.

Journaling in the dining room

We were going to go to the caves in Hamiltons but cancelled it because of the weather. We were able to go out souvenir shopping though. We just drove north and stopped at whatever looked promising. There's a place near us called Ena Major's or something like that. We got mini jars of guava jam for our cat sitters there. I got some postcards and a pair of sandals at a place called Chic Boutique. We bought some more groceries at the Sea Winds market. I bought a bag of yellow grits there and then saw them for half price at the True Value grocery store near our hotel later :-/ We hit the straw purse jackpot at a place called Lorna's (which didn't actually have a sign on it so we only found it by asking at the library where it was).

This is the library/museum, not Lorna's

       We got our moms straw bags for $12 each adn Mark got his dad a shot glass. Lorna was a bit out of it and even though she had her "open" sign out, the store was locked when we got there and we were just lucky a friend of hers showed up right after us and knocked on her house door to come open up. Then she told us her mom had died a couple weeks ago so she had lost all her motivation. :-/
     I bought myself a much bigger straw bag at the True Value grocery store for $30 later to replace the purse I came here with because the handle has started to fall apart. It was something Sarah gave me that I never totally loved anyway, and this one will fit more stuff.
     We went back to the hotel and Mark wanted to nap by the water so we went down there. It was really windy.

example of a windy tree

    I read. Then the wasps showed up so I woke him up and we went back to the room and napped some more. Then we made dinner (he cooked more while I read him snippets of the story I was reading about Saudi Arabia) and ate and talked about movies and TV shows. He fried chicken in butter and lemon and it was really good. Turned out he was a little annoyed at me for not helping more though :-/
     After dinner we watched The Rundown, which was awesome, and went to sleep.

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