Friday, May 10, 2013

I had a lovely weekend a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it. This semester I've been observing at Alternatives in Action High School. They have a couple of co-directors and one of them is an awesome guy who owns property in Ukiah. He takes up to twenty students at a time for weekend trips, and as many adults as want to come. When I went, we had a really good adult-to-student ratio - I think it was 12 adults and 17 students. The director's parents-in-law live on the property and some of their family friends stopped by on Saturday night as well, which was also cool. They're the kind of family I love - musical, natural, calm, happy...well, they seemed happy, anyway. :) Here are some pictures from my weekend:

In the front yard

A little country decoration

The outdoor kitchen

Some of the family instruments

One of the students playing a drum in the main room of the barn

A couple of the students hanging out at the fire pit

The art teacher and her husband and dog

The cottage on the property, with its' outdoor bathtub :)

The hiking group

Hike destination: waterfall

A beautiful view we ran into by getting temporarily lost :)

This is when I discovered I love manzanita trees :)

Heating up the pizza oven

Tired puppy

The director's brother-in-law (I think)

The director's mother-in-law, who lives on the property, teaching a couple of the girls how to make pizza dough

One of the students helping a family friend shell bay nuts

One of the students on the pond

The students' pottery getting ready to be fired

Some students hanging out by the fire pit with a couple of musicians in the background

A teacher with three students getting pizza ingredients ready

Family & friend providing the soundtrack

My fellow observer with a family cousin rolling out dough

The school director pulling the fire out of the oven

Pizza, ready to be cooked!

 That's all I've got :) We ended up doing some drama therapy exercises after eating pizza and it's too bad I didn't get any pictures of it, but I was busy participating. It was a lovely weekend even though I got tired of being surrounded by people I barely knew. I definitely want to go back up to the area with Mark.