Friday, July 12, 2013

Honeymoon Day #1: July 1

I thought I'd copy the journal I kept during our honeymoon onto here so I can add pictures. That's what I was really wishing I could do while I was writing it, so. Plus then people who aren't on Facebook can see pictures and read about our trip, if they want to.
So, here goes!

Day 1
     Happy 4th of July! (I wrote this entry on the 4th of July) The 40th anniversary of Bahamian independence is on July 10th. I hope there's something fun happening. Shavonne, our hotel manager, is going to let us know.
     I'm going to try to do a quick recap of our trip before I forget things. We left San Francisco at 10:15 on Sunday night. We landed in Charlotte around 6 am and took off again around 9:30 or 9:45 I think. We ate bagels at the Great American Bagel Bakery. My jalapeno breakfast sandwich was not spicy.

     We landed in Nassau around noon. I slept more on the second flight and I think Mark slept less. I discovered that the way to keep me calm during the turbulence is to be half asleep. Or all asleep, of course, but that wasn't the case.
     We hung out in the domestic terminal of the Bahamian airport (Nassau airport I guess) which was funky. Pretty much exactly what I would have expected if I'd thought about it real hard ahead of time.
     We thought we were gonna go on like a medium sized plane, which I was surprised at because at one point Mark told me it was gonna seat 8 people. I was happy though, until they took us to a smaller plane than the one we were looking at. It fit 20 people and we had to walk down the aisle half bent over.

      We could see the pilots until they pulled their curtain. I was scared until we took off and it was actually quite smooth. We could see the sea and other islands the whole time, which was nice. I took pictures.

     Turns out we were making two stops and the first stop was actually closer to our hotel so we debated trying to get off but we had a rental car waiting for us at Stella Maris, so we stayed on. Landing was rough and I was wishing we didn't have to do it again but I survived. They took one of our bags off the plane at Deadman's Cay but luckily Mark saw it and got up and told them it was ours.
     Turbulence, even though there was a bit more of it when we got underneath the clouds, was almost easier to handle in the smaller plane because it was more understandable. In the end we were glad to have landed about an hour north of our hotel because it was nice to see a lot of the island right away. And we weren't too tired to drive. Well, Mark drove. Probably too much excitement. We rented from Omar, who does lots of things, I have since found out. He gave us a Mustang! We have named him Macho Camacho.

     We were on a very bumpy dirt road yesterday and I thought he deserved a name for his efforts.
     We got to Gems at Paradise probably around 5 and checked in. Shavonne talked to us a lot and by that time I was losing it. We got into our room and finally collapsed on the bed around 5:45. We slept until 6:30, when we had to get up and get ready for dinner, which was at 7. We were the only guests at dinner. I had jerk-style grouper and he had jerk-style chicken, both with Bahamian peas and rice and salad. It was good, and a lot. We still have leftovers in the fridge, plus two other boxes since then. Everyone seems to serve a lot of food here.
     After dinner we went for a quick dip in the sea but it was getting dark so we headed back to the room.

End of day 1 :)

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