Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Honeymoon Day #2: July 2

     On Tuesday morning we got up for breakfast at 9. We saw the one other couple that's staying here - Henrietta and Emerson, an older black couple from Brooklyn. They were very friendly. I had fried eggs with bacon and grits, which was very good. Mark even liked the grits. :) The cook's name is Sandy and she's very nice.
     After breakfast we went back down to the beach for a bit. Neither of us can remember exactly why we decided to leave - I assume the weather was getting a bit windy and/or rainy.

That's me on my way to the beach

      We decided to go grocery shopping. We got distracted by lunch at the Rowdy Boys Bar N  Grill on the Flying Fish Marina. I had a conch burger and he had a regular burger.


      Mine was okay - turns out it's a little difficult to eat conch on a burger because it comes in wonky-shaped strips, not patties. I'm not sure I love conch. We walked around the property a bit afterwards (it's a hotel too)

the restaurant

 and pet a dog (lots of dogs and cats here) and then headed out for grocery shopping. We ended up at the Sunflower Market - not sure what settlement it's in. They had everything though. Shopping on vacation is fun when you're not worried about money or diet. I'm now regretting telling Mark our basket was full and we couldn't buy eggs or cheese though. I wanted both this morning. I did a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, which was amazing. We also bought 3 bootlegged DVDs (one of which we have since discovered was filmed at the theater so it's not even watchable), a bottle of wine and a bottle of coconut rum. We gotta start drinking those.

We found some more rum later...

     After we got back and put everything away, we went to the beach again but after a while (maybe 45 minutes?) it started sprinkling and then officially poured rain on us, so we ran back to the room.

     Mark did get a good swim in.

     We decided to make some drinks in the lobby (the bar is self-serve, as well as the kitchen when Sandy's not in it) and find something good on TV. 

We ended up drinking Yellowbirds (light rum, amaretto and pineapple juice) and watching the middle of Father's Day and most of The Birdcage. Mark dies over Agador Spartacus. Around 7:45 we decided we needed dinner, so we headed back over to the marina to the Outer Edge Bar N Grill. Turns out they close at 8, but they were super nice and stayed open late for us. There was another group of 3 there for a while but then they left and it was just us. We got pork chops and I got baked macaroni and salad. It was really good. Then we went back and read until we fell asleep.

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