Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Honeymoon Day #3: July 3

     On Wednesday we made our own breakfast - Froot Loops, toast and tea.

     We headed north around 11:15. I think it took us about an hour and a half to get to the sign for the Columbus Monument. Then we turned down the incredibly bumpy road I mentioned earlier. I was really worried we were gonna break something but we made it.

     We stopped about two-thirds of the way in and walked the rest of the way. Of course the last third was the smoothest :) We saw a Jeep parked at the bottom of the walkway up to the monument and saw the people were snorkeling.

This is where we saw the snorkelers

     We walked up the hill to the monument and took pictures.

view from the top

     When we came back the snorkelers were gone. We saw the same jeep later at Cape Santa Maria Resort. We had parked near what looked like a good beach so when we got back to the car we grabbed our bag and walked through the brush to this inlet-sort of beach. It was gorgeous and warm and completely deserted. The shallow water went on forever, it probably took a good five minutes to walk out to where we couldn't touch. It was quite windy but it was my first real swimming experience. We stayed in the water for a while and then came out and let the wind dry us off a bit. Mark was getting worried that clouds were coming and we'd get stuck in mud if it started raining, so after learning how to use the timer on my camera and taking a couple pictures, we left.

     Macho Camacho got us out to the main road and next we went to the Cape Santa Maria Resort. Mark wanted to rinse off his feet so on our way to the water we head, "are you the guys from Gems?" and I turned around and there was Henrietta calling to us from their cottage. She invited us in for a drink so we drank Hennessy with them for a good half hour/40 minutes.

     After two strong drinks with Henrietta and Emerson, we went next door to the resort restaurant and proceeded to drink more. Mark ordered a Sands beer (local) and I can't remember what I ordered. I think it was a Kalik Gold. (another local beer. Turns out I like Bahamian beer!) 

     I got a conch salad and he got a meat lovers' pizza. I put something called Gwen's hot sauce on a small corner of my salad because it smelled like Italian dressing but oh was that a mistake. I ended up having to ask the bartenders for milk because my mouth was on fire. They didn't know milk was good for that so I taught them something.

     I had been feeling a little guilty for not inviting Henrietta and Emerson to eat with us so I was glad to run into Emerson again when I went to the bathroom because he mentioned that he had left his medication at our hotel so I offered to drive it halfway up the island for him because it was about an hour and a half drive from Cape Santa Maria to Gems. We traded phone numbers and agreed to do it the next day. The receptionist told us about an app called Whatsapp that can be used to text for free. I might try it. She was very nice.
     After a mango daiquiri because it was happy hour by then, we went down to the beach. We made friends with a kitty (all black) who followed us to our beach chairs, then laid under Mark's chair and scratched his foot. Mark hollered, then a few minutes later Rascal Flatts (as Mark theretofore named him) jumped up on Mark's chair for cuddles and Mark proceeded to pet him while I teased him for becoming such a cat person.

     I went swimming for a while and it was beautiful and warm and calm. I wrote our initials in a heart in the sand and took a picture. 

Mark joined me in the water and we floated around some more and took a picture. Mark joined me in the water and we floated around some more and then watched the sunset and headed back to our temporary home.  

     The drive back was scary because it was dark and our high beams are not great and we were pretty much blinded by every car that passed us. We ended up pulling over so I could pour water on the windshield because it was too dirty to see well and Mark couldn't find the washer fluid button. We made it back okay though. :)

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