Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oooooh, CUTE




I want!
(all pictures borrowed from their website)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's unusual for me to post twice in one day

However, I have discovered something (and wasn't that the original theme for this blog?) that I want to remember in case I ever hit the jackpot.

Drum roll please.

Yes, just this one little website has me yearning all over the place.  Examples of favorites (I can't post pictures because their site won't let me, so I'm posting links for you to click on):

This one's only sold within the EU.  I have no idea what it smells like but for some reason I'm sure it's amazing.  :)  Guess I'll have to pick some up on my next trip to London...

Urk.  *whimper*

Okay, since I'm so excited

First things first, I went to Disneyland and California Adventure this weekend and oh man was it fun.  I already made a Facebook photo album about it though, so right now I'm going to write about my upcoming trip to Minnesota!!
SO EXCITED.  We're leaving April 17th, so I still have a bit of time, but things are coming together, more plans are being made, so I wanted to write about it because...well, I just thought it'd be fun.
So.  I'm going to share my list of things I want to do while I'm in the Twin Cities.

First, right away on Sunday evening (well, after Jackie & Brian pick us up at the airport - awesome!) we are going to a fashion show.  Not a big fancy one, but a little fun one done by my lovely friends Christina and Jessica.  Here is their website:

And here is a picture from their fall show, of my other lovely friend Meghan modeling:

Photography by Dan Sheldon

That was their first show of their line together and I missed it and I was pretty sad about that, so I'm really excited I get to be at this one!

The next planned thing is that we will go to Rochester to visit my parents on Tuesday and stay over until Wednesday

There's a picture of their house from Google!  Isn't that fun?

Then on Wednesday late afternoon we'll drive back to Minneapolis, meet up with friends for drinks/dinner (don't know where yet) and see Arsenic & Old Lace at the Guthrie!

Doesn't look like a theater, does it?  That's when it was still under construction, as you can probably tell, but that's what it looks like.  It's pretty cool inside.  And you can't tell from this picture, but it's actually in the middle of downtown.  This must be taken from the river side.

On Thursday night we're going out to dinner with a bunch of my former work ladies, and I think I have to pick the place.  So far there are at least 8 of us, maybe more.  Where should we go?  Maybe ? 

Or ?

Or here: !  Yummy...

Decisions, decisions.

On Friday evening, friends are getting together at my buddy Nix's apartment:

 Another picture from Google.  If I had the latest Flash player on this computer it would be a better picture but that's the best I could get.  Yes, it's the bottom floor of a bright orange house!
And we are going to have wine, hors d'voeures (dear god how do you spell that word -
"hors d'oeuvres" apparently.  Whew.  Why don't we just say whores doovers and call it done.), campy attire, and then move on to the Gay 90s weekly drag show! 


Yay!  It'll be Mark's first drag show!

Saturday the 23rd is my mom's birthday, so it'll either be back to Rochester

Or it might be out to Hudson, WI

(of course it won't look like that because it will be April and contrary to popular belief, the Midwest isn't always covered in snow) to celebrate it at my aunt's house.
Oh!  And I forgot, we're going out there to my aunt's house on Friday for lunch too.  I tried to find a picture of her house on Google but I couldn't.

I think those are all the things we have planned.  Then comes my list of things to keep us busy for our down times:

Think we'll be able to fill up a week and a half?  I think so...:)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Save this kitty!

photo 212 <--this is a donation page

Guys, now that I have a cat of my own I'm obsessed.  I can't imagine losing him.  A very nice woman from another website where I have a diary ( has a cat named Jimmy (or Chimi) who recently ended up at the emergency vet with an infection and it turned out he's diabetic.  Now, this lady is trying to start her own business in LA (talk about brave!), living paycheck to paycheck (which can be few and far between sometimes!) and almost had to decide whether to put him down because she simply didn't have the money for his medicine. 

She's rallied some support since last weekend, which is great, but she needs more.  Don't let this kitty die!  Please help with whatever small (or large) amount you can. <--his donation page!

It just breaks my heart to think of having to make that decision and we really don't need to let that happen.  She loves that cat and I'm sure any cat owners out there (or dog owners, or any sort of pet owner) know exactly how they would feel in that situation.

Save Jimmy!