Friday, December 6, 2013

Honeymoon Day #8: July 8th

     I know I fell apart on writing these entries, but every so often I remember, and I'm still determined to finish this project :) I like having a record that includes the pictures.
So this entry continues from where I left off at the last one.

     Yesterday we journaled for a while and took our time leaving. We went to Max's Conch Bar for lunch, which was awesome.

Mark at Max's

     Mark got a conch salad, which was spicy, adn I got a conch quesadilla, which was so good. I want to go back before we go to the mini regatta on Wednesday. I just realized I hope they're open because it's their Independence Day :-/
     Anyway, we talked with Max's wife for a while and then more people showed up. Omar came with a group of tourists and joked that we were following him - or was he following us? Some local guys showed up and one of them talked to us but he was so mumbly we could hardly understand him.
     After that we went to the museum, which was nice. I learned about Junkanoo, which I'd never heard of. I guess it's a festival the African slaves brought over. It was interesting to see white people participating. They don't seem to have any racial issues here. I also learned about Prince Charles' visit for the independence in 1973. We looked around the gift shop but didn't buy anything.

Many places serve multiple purposes on Long Island

Wednesday, July 10th, 9:50 am
     We headed back to the hotel after the museum and stopped at two shops along the way - It's All Under the Sun, a department store where I got a bottle opener that says Bahamas on it for Pascale, and Unique Decorating, where I got straw stuff: a picture frame for Sam and a coin purse for Bobbie.
     We napped/read at the hotel for a couple hours and then headed to the Outer Edge for dinner around 7. It was busy this time. I thought it was probably the most people we'd seen in one place since we got here. Mostly boat people, we thought, since it's on the marina. 

Look! People in the background!

Mark got the rib eye, I got grilled grouper, and we took home chocolate rum cake for dessert. We watched Knight and Day, which was good. Good Tom Cruise character.