Monday, October 17, 2011

Please help rescue this dog

I rescued a dog this morning, and I want to splash her up all over the internet as best I can to help her try to find a home. I know most of the people who read this don't live in northern California, but I figure if this gets around, maybe somebody will see her and decide to save her life.

I dropped her off at the Berkeley Animal Shelter this morning. They said on October 23rd she'll become their property and then can be put up for adoption. They're a low-kill shelter, so she'll just live in a kennel until she either goes kennel-crazy (their phrase) or gets adopted.

She was really skinny but she let me pet her and she willingly got into my car (with food as incentive). She just seemed like she'd been really neglected, but by the time we got to the shelter, she had attached enough to me that she didn't want to leave me. She got closer to me as the guy was leading her into the dog area. I gave her some pets and told her it would be okay. I hope it will be. I would've kept her myself if we didn't already have a dog and a cat.

Please pass this along to anybody and everybody you know. I really want to help find her a home. She just needed a lot of TLC and someone to love her and I bet she'd be a great dog.

I'm not sure why that second picture is sideways, but if you probably copy and paste it into something else, or just save it on your computer, you can right-side-it-up.

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