Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bishop Ranch, San Ramon

Lily and I had a small adventure this evening.  We went on a hike at the Bishop Ranch Regional Open Space Preserve (why do they have to give these places such long names??).  It was pretty...and very steep.  Pictures!

Beginning of hike

Middle of hike:

And end of hike...

So that's where all that cow poop along the path was coming from...

Lily: "omg what are these things"

She had a moment with this cow.

This isn't the best quality picture but I wanted to show her running to bark at the next batch of cows.

Seriously, aren't cows awesome?  They just stood there and looked at her like, "wtf?"  At one point a couple started trotting towards her and I started thinking things like, "what if she freaks them out?  what if she gets kicked?"  but it all turned out fine.  I imagine they've been barked at before, they graze on park land where people can let their dogs off-leash.

And she exhausted herself.  I swear, solid barking for probably a good five minutes.  And lots of running.

View from the top

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