Thursday, February 3, 2011

This apartment is so eclectic

These pictures were found here.
I love the plants inside the table, I love the floors and I love how big the room is. I love that there's so much random stuff, but it all goes together somehow.

I would never gravitate toward this hippo myself, if I saw it in a store, but it's actually very cool.  It's so unique.  I love how the art goes with it.  I keep thinking I want to open up my eyes and tastes to items I wouldn't normally choose because I think that's what's going to enliven my surroundings.  My rooms always end up looking the same.

This makes me feel better about my cluttered bookshelf.  Although mine doesn't look quite this cool. 

So pretty.

I want that wall of shoes...
I've only recently gotten my first two shoe racks (with my long term love of shoes and the amount I have, Mark was like, "you've never had a shoe rack before??")

So want.  WANT.  It's like my dream jewelry drawer.  To have a jewelry drawer in the first place...

I love that she loves her dog so much she got a bronze sculpture made of him.  They have a Lego one too, in another room, but I am not as into Legos as I am into bronze, so I didn't include that picture.

She commented in the original post that this dish is one of the most practical things she's ever been given.  They really are - I have several little dishes/containers, a few of which I made myself and a few I have bought at random pottery sales.  They're the kind of thing that seems like useless clutter, but they really are lovely for collecting little items that would otherwise just lay around in the way.

I hope I don't get in trouble by posting pictures from around the internet.  I feel like if I credit where I'm getting them from, no biggie, right?  I wonder what the real rules for that are...

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