Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I can't help myself

So, through this lady: http://blog.piajanebijkerk.com/WordPress/
I have been enlightened to the island of Langkawi.  It's in her latest post, about her island retreat.  I had no idea it existed and since I'm always getting ahead of myself, I'm always trying to think of things that I'd like to have for my wedding. 

This looks like the perfect honeymoon spot.
Of course, last week I wanted to go to southern Italy. 

Maybe I should just make us quit our jobs and travel around the world for a year?  I'm sure anywhere I end up going on my honeymoon is going to be wonderful though.
Anyway.  Even if it's not for a honeymoon, I just want to go.

Here's another article about it: http://www.thetravelhavenonline.com/blog/langkawi-luxury-vacation/
I'm sure since I'm hearing about it, it's becoming more popular and will soon be ruined because I'm not cool enough to know about things when they're still diamonds in the rough, undiscovered gems.  I sure hope it's still wonderful by the time I have the means to get there though.

 All these pictures were just found by doing a Google search so I'm not going to credit them all.  Anyone else could easily find them if they Google "Langkawi" or "southern Italy."  Turns out that picture of Italy is Positano.  Who knew that was a town?  Remember the lyric from "Cinema Italiano" in Nine, where Kate Hudson sings, "women in Positano!"  I always thought she was singing about a designer.
Maybe it's a designer too, who knows.

And yes, it's possible that I had decided I wanted to go to southern Italy because I was watching Nine.  What of it.

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