Monday, August 16, 2010

It's the little things

Taking a cat for a walk is terribly amusing - as long as you start out feeling calm and relaxed.  It's definitely not an activity for a day when you're feeling harried or stressed.  Unless, of course, you are using the cat-walk (hehe) as a relaxation technique.

I know a lot of people think it's silly to put a cat on a leash, especially because many cats are allowed to wander around outside whenever they want, but the idea of letting my cat run wild makes me really nervous.  Yeah, maybe he's smart enough to find his way home again, but he could get hit by a car or...I don't know, any number of other things that I would prefer him to avoid.  Plus, walking a cat yields many sources for giggles, which anyone who has ever tried it knows.  This is a common sight:

He is just too cool for the leash, really.

On our little adventure downstairs today I got a chance to get a couple pictures of the succulent plant that's hanging out with all that honeysuckle.  I have a thing for succulents.  I don't really know the specific names for any of them, but I know what they generally look like, and I love how low-maintenance they are.  They're definitely the plant for people like me who somehow cause the slow and painful death of most plants that come into their lives.  This was my favorite picture, even though the flower part is out of focus.  I think that's actually why I like it though.

So there we have it.  Erin's attempt to amuse herself while unemployed.  :)  Today's loves: a cat on a leash and a succulent.

(If I'm wrong and that's not a succulent plant, please tell me.  I'll still love it though.)

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  1. aw... it's a picture of my buddy on a leash! good thing you started this after moving out of state. otherwise, i'm sure it would be all about me and my hot body. you know, that's what the people want to know about. :)

    miss you girlie.