Monday, August 11, 2014

Honeymoon Day #10: July 10th

Yesterday was our last day on Long Island. Right now we're on a plane from Nassau to Charlotte.

Us in front of our plane on Long Island, getting ready to leave

Yesterday wasn't too exciting. We stayed in the room most of the day: packing, reading magazines, sleeping, etc. Mark was out in the lobby for a while using the wifi. We went to the 40th independence celebration at Salt Pond around 4. There was pretty much just a lot of food with drinking and music. 

Max, from the Conch Bar, came to talk to us for a while, which was nice, and then his wife did too. Turns out her name was Liz. We had been wondering. She was so nice. Everyone on the island was so nice. I mean, the idea that we could vacation somewhere for 10 days and already be friendly enough with people that they would come and talk to us is amazing.

Liz and Max (from the left) listening to the band

A little girl mistook me for her teacher, which was nice because she threw her arm around me from behind and said, "Hi Miss (So-and-so)!" all happy. I almost wished I was Miss So-and-so. I ate baked crab, some baked macaroni and cheese that came with Mark's ribs, and a guava cake thing. All were excellent. I was proud of myself for ordering the baked crab, especially because it turned out to be so good.

Me very happy with my baked crab - served right in the shell

There were two bands. We waited for the second one because Max and Liz said they were good, but they didn't come on until like 7:15 and then they managed one song and then appeared to have some sort of technical difficulty, so we finally left just before 8. Neither of us liked driving on that road at night.

The second band, for a hot second

When we got back I put Picture Perfect on the TV while I packed and then we went to bed. Neither of us slept very well. Our flight out of Nassau was delayed by 45 minutes so we're hoping we still make our connection in Charlotte.

I'm looking forward to writing reviews on TripAdvisor. Hance had a little dog that I never mentioned that Mark named Rowley St. Clair.

Rowley St. Clair

We learned that you should ask specific directions for anything that's not on the main road, and don't expect everything offered on a menu to be available. It also helps to call before going somewhere to find out if the place is still open or the event is still happening. A "yes, we're open" sign doesn't necessarily mean they're open, and people are going to wave at you while you're driving, so wave back. It's not necessary to tip gas station attendants. There are no radio stations, so either bring something to play music in the car, or get used to the (reggae?) CD that your rental agent might leave you. Good snorkeling requires boating off the island. To find Adderley's Plantation you have to walk down the beach to the right a bit. It might actually be easier to drive fast on the dirt tracks than slow. Keep reapplying sunscreen. :)

A year later, I've finally finished logging our honeymoon. At this point it's more for me than for anyone else, but I do hope that if anyone is looking for info about Long Island, somehow they'll find this. Now I want to go on vacation again :)

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