Friday, July 22, 2011


Last Sunday Mark and I made some stuff.  Here's what he made:

I would show you the picture of it empty, but that picture also includes Mark mooning me, and I don't know that he'd like that on the internet.  I'll save that for when we have a big fight.

I didn't have my head completely on straight because I was working on my own project, which I'll talk about shortly, or I would have more pictures of the process of creating these bookshelves.  I just have a couple:

their humble beginnings (and Lily having a scratch)

looks like I did find a picture of them empty! (sans booty)

i decorated for a moment with my hat

close-up of them somewhat filled

I honestly thought it was a totally clever idea - Mark was just surfing around the internet and he found a guy on Craigslist who had tons of these in his garage.  $5 each.  What a steal!

So while he was doing that, I was working on this:

It actually took me like two and a half hours.  And it was actually homework.  The assignment was to illustrate the different aspects of our identity and their levels of development.  I used colors on different parts of the body.  I sculpted the boobs myself.  Can you tell?  ;)
I felt kind of bad that I couldn't help Mark, but I needed to get this done and he was determined to finish the bookshelves.  He actually seemed not to expect me to help at all.  I rearranged the boxes while he was at Home Depot to get them situated together in the most level way possible, and that was pretty much the extent of my contribution.  And telling him how I wanted it to look.  :)

Anyway, so that's my story...and I'm very excited about our bookshelves :)

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