Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What was it I said about not writing about giveaways?

Okay, in my defense, I was actually planning on writing an entry about this Etsy shop anyway (which I just happened to discover through this giveaway) because it's so super cute and I want to buy gifts from there, not just win things for myself.

But since they just happen to be doing a giveaway, which is located here...
you know, no sense not mentioning it, right?  Right...

So, on to gushing about this shop!  Here are some items I love for me:

Elegant Medallion Pendant Necklace. Limited Edition

I Heart My Cat Charm Necklace

Island Girl - Pewter Hibiscus Charm Necklace.

Tiny Umbrella Charm Necklace 
(I think this one's just adorable)

When I have a dog I can get this one:

Puppy Love Charm Necklace.

Here's one item I love for my friend Kate:

CLEARANCE. Roller Girl - Rollerskate Charm Necklace.

There are several things I would want to get for Nix if she wore jewelry, such as:

Watering can charm necklace

Lucky - Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace in Silver or Goldtone

Mudding - 4-Wheel Monster Truck Charm Necklace.

If I had known about these right after we went on our New Orleans trip (and if she wore jewelry), I so could've gotten us matching ones (but, like, gold for me and silver for her kinda thing):

Fleur-de-Lis Charm Necklace in Silver or Gold tone

These ones made me think of my mom:

Apple for Teacher Charm Necklace

Sweet Birdbath Charm Necklace.

Totally want to get this for Christina:

Judy Dress Form Charm Necklace in Goldtone

Oh, and I know she also likes dragons:

CLEARANCE - Fantasy Dragon Charm Necklace.

I immediately thought of Lori when I saw this:

She's Crafty - Knitting Charm Necklace.

This would be a totally cute souvenir they should have here:

Dutch Windmill Brass Charm Necklace

I have an old friend from high school that I mostly just keep up with on Facebook now, but I always remember she loves horses (that's you, Mari, if you ever read this!):

Equestrian - Horse Charm Bookmark.

I thought of Jackie when I saw this because of her cute cupcake lip glosses and Christmas ornaments:

Hey, Cupcake - Cute Charm Necklace.

Okay, I'm done for now.  She has so many other cute ones too, though.  And so random!  There's one with a curling rock!  You know, like the sport?  I pretty much know her whole shop by heart now that I've gone through it twice (once for the giveaway to find my favorite item and once to write this entry) so I think I need to take a break and maybe get some work done.  Whew.

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