Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Debated about posting this

Hey guys.  So, a bit of a serious entry today.  I heard about this guy on another blog (http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/) and have since found information about him on several websites (it's easy enough if you start with Penelope's link or just Google him) and I ended up reading this letter that he wrote.  It's a suicide letter.  It seems more natural to write "suicide note" but it's definitely not a note.  It's pretty long.
Anyway, he succeeded in killing himself about a week and a half ago, and even if he hadn't this would be a tragic story because of the pain he endured for so long.  I think I'm posting the link to his letter and writing about it because it's a very poignant, insightful look into what depression can be like, as well as possible effects of child abuse.  If anything maybe it will stir more people up into working to help people affected by these awful things, and encourage us all to try to be more alert to what's going on with the people around us.  Of course, being the future counselor that I am, throughout the whole letter I was just wishing I could've helped him, but he's also very clear about his reasons for not seeking more help.

Anyway, it's quite a read and after some deliberation, I think it could be beneficial for people to experience it.  Just be warned about its disturbing content beforehand.  If you are curious about what's in it but are afraid it might be too upsetting for you to read, feel free to ask me about it.


His name was Bill Zeller.  If anything hopefully it will give you an appreciation for how good you have it - assuming you are not going through something similar.  And if you are going through something similar, please don't do what he did.  No matter what he thought, there is help out there.  As you can see from the comments on Penelope Trunk's entry, so many people have gone through similar experiences and have overcome them.


  1. I read that today too. Suicide has been all sorts of "in my brain" lately. (Not like I wanna, of course, just in general.) Coined with a show from This American Life a couple weeks ago which was similarly shocking and thought provoking, I dunno.

    (I don't know what all this comment as stuff is about, so, yes, my name is Nix.)

  2. Hi Nix!! Haha, I love that you couldn't figure out the comment system. Or maybe you just didn't have any of the accounts listed. I'm glad you told me who you were. Which American Life show was it?

  3. I don't have the accounts, except, like a google account.

    Here it is: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/234/say-anything. The second part of the show is pretty funny.