Friday, August 9, 2013

Honeymoon Day #6: July 6th

     On Saturday we had breakfast at Rowdy Boys. We got cinnamon french toast. It was yummy :) Then we came back and tried to nap/read. We napped a little and then we went to the house of Leonard Cartwright for a tour of Hamilton Caves. He was really nice.

Mark and Leonard, ready to go

     He gave us lamps and the cave was scary but cool. Absolutely no development whatsoever. He owns the land - it's been in his family for like 170 years, and he's been playing in the caves since he was a little kid. There were lots of bats and he showed us a couple cockroaches in the beginning, which had Mark freaked out for the rest of the time. I was more scared of the bats.

     Some places were really dark but some places had light from the outside.

     There were some carvings his brother had done.

Up until about 10 years ago they used it as a hurricane shelter.

People would sit around the edges during hurricanes

     Mark took lots of pictures. After that we tried to find Grays Plantation (ruins) but couldn't. We ended up taking a road out to the ocean side of the island that dead ended at a half-built house (lots of those too) so we walked down the path to get as close to the water as we could (we were up on a hill) and took pictures.


     There were a bunch of goats. Lots of goats here. We headed back to the hotel because we had dinner reservations and wanted to snack on cheese, summer sausage and crackers first. Dinner was very good - we had told Sandy we wanted to try mutton (or Hance, probably, he's the one who's always around) so he had let us know (Hance) that she got some. She served it with rice and coleslaw, which normally I wouldn't have chosen but it all went very well together. 

Mmmmm, mutton

      I ended up with lots of leftovers, which I ate last night. They were delicious. Turns out the mutton was sheep. (I guess it can be goat too) After dinner we watched two episodes of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet and played Connect Four. :)

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