Saturday, February 18, 2012


As maybe some of you know, my lovely boyfriend creates some super cool vinyl toys. He is relatively new to the scene and is finally trying to sell some stuff. He also makes other art, like canvases and picture frames. We were at his first vending event during the first weekend of February, and that particular event doesn't get a ton of traffic, so he has some leftovers. Therefore, he started a couple of online shops! I told him I would help promote them, so I'm telling all nine of my followers about them :) Here's the first one:

So if you're on Etsy, put him in your circle! Show him some love! And here's his second one:

As you can see, the stuff he has up right now are sort of Valentine's themed (that was the theme of the event we were at) but they're cute any time of the year, I think. 
If you know someone who might like this stuff, be sure to tell them! And he'll be adding more later, and usually his style is very different than this, so check back. He is a talented guy. :)

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