Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blender Contest

Hi! So, Mark and I are planning on moving sometime soon. Therefore, we are starting to purge. Consequently, I finally completed the Great Blender Showdown.

An Osterizer that's probably at least 20 years old, and a Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor.

Cue music:

I took a picture of the ingredients but it came out too blurry to post, so I will just list them:

Vodka (it was actually my dad's idea to add rum, but we didn't have any.  it is now on the shopping list.)
Apple juice
Club soda
Ice (key!  according to my dad)

So, after combining and blending...(there was not much science involved - they have different settings so I just tried to use the highest ones on each, to crush the ice)

the winner is...

The Osterizer!!!

Who'da thunk it?  The Cuisinart was fairly expensive and I was excited about buying it.  Turns out Mark's good ol' Osterizer takes care of chunks better than the Cuisinart.  I've always had problems with the Cuisinart not being that good at crushing ice and things like that.  This time it managed the ice, but missed a couple of chunks of banana. What good is that??  There were no chunks left in the Osterizer.  Plus the Cuisinart has this weird leak...yeah, it's time to go.  I'm glad I tested before assuming the newer one was the better one.

Mission accomplished!

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